My Bio

Joy Carter is a mindfulness and spiritual coach, and masters level social worker. As a coach and social worker, Joy has extensive experience supporting people with overcoming barriers to achieve their goals and improve their lives. Joy partners with people to improve their overall wellbeing, and find peace in their lives.  Through mindfulness techniques and practices, Joy has helped the people she serves reduce their anxiety, alleviate stress, improve their mood, increase their focus, get better sleep, and have better health.

Joy completed life coaching and hypnotherapy programs at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. Her holistic health and spiritual training includes energy healing, as well as mindfulness and spiritual techniques to guide people on their path to peace. As a spiritual seeker her whole life, Joy continues to grow and learn by reading inspirational books, learning from people of various faiths and world views, attending interfaith events, participating in workshops and classes on spiritual topics, and practicing mindfulness and spiritual techniques daily.

Joy has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Arizona and a master’s degree in social work from Arizona State University. In her more than 15 years as a social worker, she has worked in medical and behavioral health settings. Joy has years of experience training at a behavioral health agency, preparing paraprofessionals and professionals to provide community-based and in-office services to children and young adults. Due to her dynamic speaking style, she has been invited to present on a number of topics including mindfulness, habit change, self-care, and stress management.

In her free time, Joy likes to ride her bike around the neighborhood, read, journal, meditate, and spend time with family and friends. Learn more about Joy and the services she offers by visiting or contact her at

Joy Carter Life Coach & Hypnotherapy Joy Carter, MSW

Mindfulness & Spiritual Coach