My name is Joy, and I have been there.

Just like you, I had those wishful “If only” thoughts. Thoughts like:

  • “If only I were more organized I would have time. I would do better at my job. I would have more control over my finances”
  • “if I hadn’t waited until the last minute to finish, I would have gotten an A on that paper. I would have gotten that promotion. I could have done a better job on my presentation.”
  • “If only I were smarter, prettier, thinner, nicer, stronger, more outgoing, etc. my life would be better.”

Sound familiar to you? If it does, I can help! You don’t have to live with these negative, limiting “if only” thoughts. I have turned my life around for the better using mindfulness & spiritual practices. Both actions and thought patterns can be habits. I used the power of my mind combined with action to create a positive life. I have improved my organization skills, beaten procrastination, and transformed my negative self-talk into positive affirmations and gratitude. Mindfulness, habit change, and spiritual practices have been essential to changing my life for the better. And it can change your life too!

My commitment to you is:

  • Empathy & understanding. I have been through my own mindfulness, habit change, & spiritaul journey and can help you too!
  • Transformation. I am passionate about supporting others in transforming wishful thinking into powerful, life changing action.
  • Breakthrough tools and techniques. Learn how to use mindfulness, habit change, & spiritual practices to make positive, permanent life changes.
  • A personalized plan to fit any busy lifestyle. This plan is tailored to fit your needs, circumstances, & lifestyle.
  • Guidance. I will partner with you in applying tools and techniques to your life.
  • Knowledge & experience. I have over 17 years of experience as a coach, workshop presenter, public speaker, & master’s level social worker.

You can turn you wishful thinking into positive action starting today! Want to learn more? Click Here to schedule a session.

Mindfulness & Spiritual Coach

Joy Carter, MSW
Mindfulness & Spiritual Coach
Meditation Guide
Trainer & Workshop Presenter
Startup Entrepreneur Academy Instructor

Email: joyouslifecoach@gmail.com
Phone: (602) 730-6213

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