Calm your Mind with this Simple Technique

Breathe and Smile

If your spiritual practice includes meditation, it can be a challenge to stay in the present moment. In his book, Peace is Every Step, Thich Nhat Hanh recommends conscious breathing to keep you in the present moment by calming your body and mind. This simple technique is easy and can be done any time, any place. Simply recite to yourself:

Breathing in I calm my body (breathe in)
Breathing out I smile. (breathe out)
Dwelling in the present moment, (Breathe in)
I know this is a wonderful moment. (Breathe out)

If you can’t remember that, simply say:
“Calming, Smiling, Present Moment, Wonderful Moment”

If you can’t remember that, just remember to breathe and smile.

Regardless of the version you choose, be conscious of your breath and your smile. Take slow and deep belly breaths to calm your body and signal the mind to relax. An easy and gentle smile relaxes the muscles in your face, helping to relieve tension in your forehead and jaw.

Next time you are having struggling to remain in the present moment during your spiritual practice, give this simple technique a try! Thanks for reading!