My name is Joy and I can help you find peace in your daily life with mindfulness and spiritual practices.

My Story

I struggled to maintain healthy habits and positive mindsets for many years. I had a lot of self-doubt and not much confidence in myself and my abilities. I was fearful a lot of the time; afraid I would fail, afraid of making a fool of myself; afraid of looking stupid; the list goes on and on. While from the outside, it appeared I was successful, smart, capable, and self-assured, my mind was riddled with doubts and nasty self-talk. I felt like a fraud. It’s exhausting to live that way, and my health reflected this inner struggle. I had health concerns for which doctors were not able to identify a cause.

As I searched for solutions to my health concerns, I discovered mindfulness and spiritual practices for mind, body, and heart healing. I worked with coaches, holistic health practitioners, studied mindfulness and spiritual techniques, and did calming practices to learn how to develop habits and mindsets to meet my needs on all levels. As a result, my health issues, and all areas of my life in general, improved immensely. I learned how to take the time to listen to my inner knowing and respond to life in a way that is healthy and positive. When I am feeling lonely, sad, or angry, I no longer engage in destructive habits, thoughts, and behaviors. Instead, I use mindfulness and spiritual techniques to maintain my peace of mind.

Prior to becoming a coach, I was a master’s level social worker for over 15 years. In that capacity, I was able to help others apply these practices to their lives with great success. I have seen people reduce their anxiety, alleviate stress, improve their mood, increase their focus, get better sleep, and have better health as a result of using easy and effective mindfulness and spiritual practices.

Because great success is worth sharing, I became a mindfulness and spiritual coach to help others learn and benefit from calming practices. When your mindset is healthy, your actions follow, and your life improves.

If I can do it, you can too! Click here to schedule online. To read my bio, click here.

The opportunity to partner with you is a privilege. I am honored to have your trust on this journey.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to talking to you soon!

Joy Carter, MSW
Mindfulness & Spiritual Coach
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