Learn from the knowledge and wisdom of those who are also on a spiritual path by reading their words and perspectives.

Crafts & Activities

One way to focus on the present moment is by being creative. The products below that will get your creative juices flowing and keep you focused on the present moment. These activities are a great alternative if you and when you find it difficult to focus during meditation or prayer. Choose crafts for kids if you are looking for something easy and fun.

Creating Nurturing Spaces

Whether you have a large space or small corner of a room for your mindfulness and spiritual practices, creating a nurturing space can help you to be calm, at peace, and focused during your practice. Think of what is comforting and soothing to all of your senses. Surround yourself with sights, sounds, scents, sensations, and flavors that you love!


Many people find it helpful to write down their thoughts, feelings, inspirations, quotes, meditations, and prayers. Having a journal that you love to write in is helpful to many people in their mindfulness and spiritual practices.